Watching English Movies

Watching English Movies to Improve English Language

Watching English movies is a fun activity to do if you want to learn the English language. It is much better than staring at textbooks! Here are the three tips on why does learning English through movies can be an effective method for you:

Listening skill – If you are learning English from a textbook, you can analyse the form of grammar and vocabulary in the text. However, learning from English movies helps you to improve your listening skill. For example, British or American movie gives you more insight to learn about the difference between two accents. You will be exposed to regional accents from different places, and you might start to learn how to speak like a native English speaker too.

Pronunciation – When it comes to English language learning, non-native speakers could have difficulty pronouncing certain English words. By listening to the words and sentences in English movies, you can clearly listen to the pronunciation and repeat them. It also teaches the learners to understand how to emphasise the intonation and links the words together. It might take some time to learn how to pronounce the English words, but it will be a useful tip to enhance your pronunciation.

Reading skill – While you are watching an English movie, you will learn to read the subtitles and dialogues. Then, you will begin to learn the vocabulary and grammar which are related to the context of the movie. For instance, learning how to read the English subtitles and dialogues in a movie can help you to understand the meaning of the new word. You grasp the meaning and know how to utilise the word in your conversation with other people.

Here is some more advice to motivate yourself to learn the English language from a movie. First, you need to pick an interesting movie so that you will enjoy the learning process. You will gain interest to watch and be immersed in the movie. Second, you need to know your English level proficiency because you must choose a movie that is easy to understand and follow up with the storyline. When you are watching an English movie, you can try to imitate and do a repetition of the phrases in the movie. After that, you can challenge yourself by watching an English movie without subtitles! This is the best way to practice your English comprehension and track how much you have been improving. Do not worry if you take much time to learn the English language because the most significant part is focused to comprehend the general meaning of the word in English. Learning the English language through English movies can be exciting and enjoyable because you will be exposed to a variety of slang, accents, colloquial expressions, and idioms. Let’s start your new English movies marathon to improve your English language.

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