Helping your Child to Learn English

6 Reasons for Helping your Child to Learn English

In recent years, learning English has become not just a good idea but a must. So young people today really need the opportunity to start learning as soon as possible. As a parent, you undoubtedly want to give your child the best preparation for his/her future as possible. Giving children the gift of English will have a profound effect on their lives. Here are six reasons why.

Work. If you look at a list of job advertisements today, I bet you’ll find almost every one of them requires English. Companies need their employees to know English not only for communicating with international colleagues or customers, but also for being able to understand IT software, instruction manuals, and documentation. Some companies simply want their employees to be ready for the future possibility of English becoming necessary in their businesses.

University. Many universities today expect their students to have a certain level of English. Students need to be able to read and do research about their subject in English, and in some cases, even follow courses taught in English. For some students there is also the possibility of spending a year of their university studies abroad in an English-speaking university. You might have also considered giving your child the chance to do their entire university studies in any English-speaking countries such as the U.K. or U.S. Obviously, in order to do that, your child needs to be prepared. Not having a good level of English can prevent you from even having the option to apply for a job.

Travelling. English is the language most commonly used around the world as a second language. This means that when you travel anywhere, English is the key to communication. Travelling to other parts of the continent and further afield is going to become even quicker and easier than it already is today. So, the next generation has to be ready for that.

Entertainment. When you want to find information online, check out posts on social networks, listen to music, play a game or watch a television series, English is the main language you’ll find. As far as young people are concerned, this is something that will become more and more important as the internet develops further.

Quick to learn. Another massive benefit of learning English as a child is that it is much easier than learning as an adult. Children are likes sponges and can take in a lot of information without difficulty and without questioning things as adults do. A child is open to different sounds and can even learn perfect pronunciation, which for an adult is almost impossible. From a practical point of view, children also have much more time than adults do, and can easily invest time in learning English. If you let your child learn English now, you’ll be saving him/her a lot of time and considerable effort in the future.

Open up your mind. Learning English helps open a child’s mind to other ways of seeing things and expressing themselves. By having different channels in which to communicate ideas and feelings, children have increased options in saying what they want. It has been shown that being bilingual can even improve your skills in problem-solving and multitasking. Furthermore, the simple fact of knowing English will enable your child to have a far greater number of direct cultural experiences with people all over the world, in person or online.

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