Benefits of Writing a Journal

Benefits of Writing a Journal

Benefits of Writing a Journal

This is where regular writing practice can really pay off.
As long as you maintain a routine of writing in your journal, you will see the positive results you are looking for. Let’s go through all the benefits one by one.

Better Vocabulary
As you write, you will need new words to help you express what you are trying to say. No doubt you have a dictionary and as you use it when writing your journal your vocabulary will expand.

You will also use words where you only have a vague sense of their meaning. But you will still use them. Words you half-remember from something you read. Or maybe something your English teacher told you in class. Gradually all of these words will have a much clearer meaning in your mind.

The more you write the more new words you will learn and remember. Also, you are using all of this vocabulary in context. Many English students try to learn vocabulary by going over great lists of words.

In your writing, you are using the vocabulary in relation to the sentence and the other words in the sentence. This is the best way to build your vocabulary.

Better Spelling
And of course, as you build your word power by regular journaling your spelling will improve too. There will be a natural increase in your ability to spell words without the need for a dictionary every time.

Better Grammar

The more you write the more you will pay attention to the tiny details of what you write. So, you will use much better grammar. You will notice small grammatical errors and adjust them. If you accompany your love for journaling with reading you will remember verb tenses, the use of conditionals and articles. You may not notice immediately but there will be a definite improvement in your English grammar.

Better Sentence Structure

As you write you will want to be more adventurous in your writing style. You will no longer be happy to write simple sentences in a linear style. Your sentences will become more complex as you challenge yourself. The more you write the better your sentence structure will become.

A Desire for More Reading
Another benefit of writing every day is that your reading will improve. As you build your own journal, you will become curious to read other people’s online journals. You will want to read blogs and that will lead to other reading material. You will read novels, biographies and history—all in English.

Writing leads to reading, which leads to more reading and more writing.

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