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Improve Your English Handwriting with These Five Simple Steps

In a world of email and instant messaging, it might seem like handwriting is less important than ever. This isn’t the case, though. A handwritten letter can be a really meaningful statement to a loved one and writing by hand can be an enjoyable pastime in itself. If you’ve become out-of-practice at writing by hand or you simply want to make your writing neater, don’t worry – help is at hand. Follow these simple tips to practice your handwriting and it will be looking beautiful in no time.

Prepare well

Make it as easy as possible for yourself to write perfectly by having the correct materials to get started. Choose a pen that suits your style of writing and that feels comfortable to hold. Select some paper that is smooth to write on but that won’t smudge too easily if you touch the ink with your hand. Put something below the paper so that you can press on the page if needed and it feels comfortable. If you have trouble writing in a straight line, you could also place lined paper behind the page on which you are writing as a guide. Remember, taking time to prepare well will save you time later in the process.

Check your posture

Sit up straight and make sure your chair is at a height where your arms feel comfortable at the table. Your shoulders should be relaxed and you should be able to see the page you are writing on. If you wear glasses, make sure you have them on. Grip the pen with your writing hand and use your non-writing hand to hold the page steady so it doesn’t move.

Don’t rush

You may be used to getting your thoughts on the page quickly when you type but this is a habit to unlearn when you are writing. Slow down and enjoy the process. Be mindful of the shape of the letters you are making, not just the words you are writing.


Just because you’ve written in one style in the past doesn’t mean it’s the best style of handwriting for you. Experiment with different styles and try copying those that you like. There are whole online communities of people who love handwriting so get on the internet and look for inspiration. Writing in a different style to what you are used to might be tricky at first but will soon become normal with practice.

Do it!

Like any skill, your handwriting will improve the more you do it, so find a reason to write every day. This might be sending a letter to a loved one, starting a journal, or just writing a short article about something you are interested in. Whatever you write, pay attention to your handwriting and note what you could do to improve it each time.

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