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“Language for Life from London” or LLL in short, is basically a Conversational English Class that comes with a very refreshing approach and methodology to ensure quick results. The sessions will be delivered live from London, UK. In LLL, you will have the opportunities to engage in conversations with the native UK English teachers as a means to quickly improve on your fluency. 


The teachers are experienced and experts in the language and this gives learners a huge advantage in the whole learning process. Depending on student intake in the respective countries, the virtual class may be filled with students across the globe. This will enhance your chances to meet and make new real friends. Imagine the opportunities to be introduced to new culture, tradition, knowledge or even English accent just by joining this programme.


Whether you are a teenage learner or a working adult / professional, you will find Language for Life From London (LLL) to be relevant to your English learning needs

Course Structure

Language for Life from London (LLL) comes in four phases i.e. Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate & Advanced.


1 hour X 4 sessions


1 hour X 4 sessions


1 hour X 4 sessions


1 hour X 4 sessions

LLL is offered independently and depending on your English proficiency level, you can enrol for any one phase that is suitable for you. Upon completion of any one phase, you can stop, continue with a new phase or even repeat the same phase.

Intake / Session

Intake : Every second & fourth Monday of the month

Phase: Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate & Advanced

  • Once-a-week session
    (Every Monday)
  • Session Time: 8pm – 9pm
  • Group Size: 20 (maximum)
RM 0
per phase
0 Hours
per phase (1 hour X 4 sessions)
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