Online Proficiency Test

Direct English
Online Proficiency Test

The proficiency test is to rate you in terms of:


Grammatical Accuracy

General Rules of English Language

Direct English Proficiency Test is designed to give you a quick way of assessing your knowledge of English grammar, English vocabulary and English usage. This adaptive test has a database of hundreds of graded questions which are designed to increase in complexity as you move through them. 


This is to say, you will start answering the easy questions at the beginning of the test and as you go on, the difficulty of the questions increases. You are supposed to answer as many questions as you can within the given 15 minutes but you also have to make sure you give only the correct answers.

At the end of the test, you will receive your test result where you will be informed of your English proficiency level. You will also be informed on your actual performance in the test where your percentage/score for ‘Vocabulary’, ‘Grammatical Accuracy’ and ‘General Rules of English Language’ will be made known to you.

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