Direct English Live International (DELi)


Direct English is a proven system that successfully trains 100,000 English language learners globally every year. DELi will enable you to attend our six-level Direct English UK proficiency course live from London, UK. Classes are delivered by our English expert teachers who are all trained and certified. Learn English from our experts and be amazed at the speed of your progress in achieving what you have set out to achieve.

Requirements : There are no entry requirements for the course

Who is this course for : Teenagers, young adults or adults who would like to increase their English proficiency.

Direct English levels focus on four key skills – Listening, Speaking, Writing and Reading. Our courses are based on a cyclical syllabus, which helps students use English confidently by revising knowledge at each stage. If something doesn’t make sense straight away, then they can come back to it later on.

Teaching is delivered through a combination of the following students’ skills objectives:

  • Learning – learning how to learn
  • Speaking – developing communication strategies
  • Grammar – rehearsing and reproducing correct grammar from real language examples
  • Revision – consolidation of knowledge through repetition of learned objective, on a fixed pattern
  • Self-Assessment – checking and monitoring progress

Stage 1: 5 Units (15 lessons x 1.5hours = 22.5 contact hours)
Stage 2: 4 Units (12 lessons x 1.5hours = 18 contact hours)

Every level consists of 9 units / 27 lessons / 40.5 contact hours

Course Includes :

  • Direct English Live access for every level. Direct English Live is an interactive learning platform that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.
  • Certificate of Achievement by Direct English UK
  • 40.5 hours of live learning sessions
  • Virtual graduation ceremony (Live from the UK)

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