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Ways to Boost Your Presentation

Have you ever felt nervous to do a presentation in the English language? You may try your best to avoid making mistakes during your presentation day. You want to appear more confident and professional when you are giving a presentation in the English language. Therefore, we will walk you through with few tips on how to do preparation for your presentation day.

1. Understand your topic – Make sure to do extra research for your presentation topic. Advanced preparation can help you to understand what type of content you will be presenting to your audience. As a presenter, you must be confident with yourself to show the audience how well you present your topic. Of course, you do not wish to look clueless on your big day!

2. PowerPoint – The simpler it is, the better it will be. Do not cramp up all your information into one slide. Only insert the main objective of your presentation. Please ensure that you choose the right background colour, visuals, and font size for your slide to illustrate your main points because it is one of the significant elements to engage with your audience. Always double-check the writing and grammar in your slide before you present it.

3. Be brave and move around – When you do your presentation, avoid being rigid and timid. Every action and move you make will depict how brave you are on the stage. Your audience will be watching you and to capture their attention, you should move around and make eye contact with them. This will leave a strong impression on your audience because they believe in your potential and credibility as a professional speaker.

4. Tech-savvy – We are living in the 20th century in the high tech world nowadays. Try to insert your creativity through your presentation such as video, microphone, or other external devices to attract your audience. If you are conducting an online presentation, try to familiarise yourself with online platforms such as Prezi and Canva. On the other hand, if you have to do a physical presentation, you may gain your audience’s attention by inviting them to do an activity through QR code! Show your flexibility and creativity through your tech-savvy skill.

5. Script preparation – Remember that “Practice Makes Perfect”. It is much better to prepare your script in advance and practice how to speak in English professionally. Practice how to pronounce each word and express the meaning confidently. You may insert some humour and personal experience in your script to convey your message and make your audience enjoy your presentation. Do not forget that you should give the opportunity to your audience to ask questions about your topic. Q&A session might useful activity to improve the speaking skill too.

It is not necessary to memorise all your script, but you must be confident and understand what you will present to your audience. It is common and normal to feel nervous and anxious during your presentation day. With a lot of practice, you should believe in yourself that you can do it! Prove your point and engage with your audience by connecting your personal experience. This surely will help you to overcome your fear on stage and the audience will enjoy your talk.

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